Exact - SRXP
Expense Management System

An online Expense Management System serving over 3000 customers. The system is used by companies to manage their expenses. Mainly bigger customers that have a lot of employees. The system is used by the employees to submit their expenses and by the finance department to approve and pay them.

Due to the competitive market that SRXP was doing business in, it depended heaviliy on building new features such that cilents could be convinced to come aboard but also stay aboard. This is one of the reasons I loved working here, building new features and getting them out for release as soon as possible.

In my latest years at SRXP I became CTO working with a team of 6 developers. I was responsible for building, maintaining and architecting the API and portal. Servers (DevOps) was also under my control. I am very fortunate to have gained massive amount of experiences in the role I've had here.

I've worked on numerous big features here, ranging from an elaborate insights tool (web based) for business analysts to gain insight into their expenses. I've build direct to banks in order to get financial transactions into SRXP automatically and into the account of a user of SRXP. I've did big overhauls on the software to make it more flexible and future-proof.

Experiences gained here:

  • EmberCLI
  • CakePHP
  • AWS Web Services - such as EB, Ec2, S3, VPCs, RDS
  • Docker
  • Working as a CTO and leading a team.

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Time Active

6 Years

From - Until

April 2015 - June 2021


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